The Salvation Army Northwest Division offers a wide range of social services in 35 communities throughout Washington, Montana and northern Idaho. At each of our Corps Community Centers, we offer a broad array of services – from basics of food, clothing, and shelter to programs that further develop the mind, body, and spirit. In addition, a large network of partner agencies, makes it possible for people in small communities to access Salvation Army emergency services anywhere in the three-state region.

Principles of Service

The Salvation Army proudly upholds the following principles when serving our neighbors.

  • Treatment of all people as God’s children;
  • Demonstration of warmth and personal interest in each person;
  • Listening without being judgmental or condemning;
  • Regarding all information as confidential;
  • Recognition of its own limitations to assist, and seeking needed help from others;
  • Establishing a meaningful relationship with the applicant (whether brief or lengthy) through a caring interest in him or her as a person;
  • Recognition of the worth and dignity of each individual and affirmation of the right of each one to make his or her own decisions.