11 December 2013


Stacey’s story reminds us that, sometimes, the most unlikely people need the help of The Salvation Army. She had a long-term career in sales and customer service – appearing successful to all who knew her. But, in reality, she struggled with alcohol addiction, and soon began injecting meth to counteract the effects of the alcohol. In her words, she was a “highly functioning drug addict.”

Her addiction continued for more than a decade before it almost killed her. On a fateful day in 2012, she lost her job and drowned her sorrows in alcohol. She felt that she had nothing left to lose, and planned to commit suicide that night.

Fortunately, her partner convinced her to get help, and found a 60-day rehabilitation program for her to check into the next day.

Stacey successfully completed the rehabilitation program, but feared the next step in her life. She had no job, no money, and no home. A counselor recommended The Salvation Army Women’s Shelter in downtown Seattle. She moved in immediately, and stayed the maximum length of three months.

She found the shelter to be a safe place to continue to work on her sobriety. The staff and other women allowed her to heal, and encouraged her to approach her new life with positive energy. Stacey recalls that “everyone who works there was nice and welcoming. No one knew me, and everyone else was struggling. No one was judging me."

Now, many months later, Stacey has transitioned to independent living, and has a new job. She works every day to continue keeping her life on the right track. She thanks The Salvation Army for helping to save her life. We thank her for being an inspiration to all!