10 June 2014

Grant will help fund wrestling program in White Center next school year

The Salvation Army in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle, WA, has received a grant from Brute Wrestling to support its after-school wrestling program.

The wresting program was started during the 2013-2014 school year, and will continue in the new school year. The grant from Brute Wrestling will help provide uniforms and equipment for the program. “When we began the wrestling program last year, we didn’t have the equipment we needed, but we made it work” said Major Raymond Erickson-King, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army in White Center. “Now, the kids will have proper equipment and a better experience because of it.”

Last year, more than 45 kids (ages 5 to 17) participated in the wrestling program at The Salvation Army in White Center. The league was divided into groups for age and gender. The six-week program taught fundamentals of the sport, as well as discipline and sportsmanship.

The Salvation Army in White Center hosts an extensive after-school program during the academic year. Students from nearby elementary, middle, and high schools can come to the community center and participate in various activities. The first part of every afternoon includes homework tutors and reading labs. After academic work, students enjoy a healthy snack, and then spend time in the computer lab or participating in athletics or music lessons. The after-school program is provided at no costs to the families.

Brute Wrestling provided the grant through its R.E.A.C.H.E.S. program (Rewarding Educational Athletic Choices Helping Each Sport). The non-profit organization was founded in 2007 to promote, protect and preserve the integrity of amateur athletics by providing athletic and educational opportunities to all athletes of all ages and abilities.