If you would like to learn more about The Salvation Army, you have come to the right place.

Holiday kettles and bells. Thrift stores. These are the most common images people have of The Salvation Army. But look a little further … and you will find that we have offer a diverse array of social service programs catering to the needs of children, families, seniors and individuals.

The Salvation Army was founded in London’s East End in 1865 by William Booth and provides services to people worldwide who are in need through its 107 branches. William Booth, ministered to the hopeless and forgotten souls wandering the streets of the East End. Renowned for his dedication to working with the poor and unwanted, William Booth reached out to East Enders with a holistic ministry concentrated on restoring physical as well as spiritual well-being.

Want To Know More?

Here are several short videos about the work of The Salvation Army, which we will hope you will enjoy: